descriptionMail::GnuPG perl module
ownerDavid Bremner
last changeSat, 23 Apr 2016 19:03:25 +0000 (16:03 -0300)
9 days ago David Bremnerrelease 0.23 master
9 days ago David Bremnermark agent.t as TODO
2016-04-10 David Bremnerreplace use of --passphrase with --use-agent
2016-04-10 David Bremnerfix test for running agent
2016-04-10 David Bremnerrelease 0.22
2016-04-10 David Bremnermake gpg-(agent) quieter
2016-04-10 David Bremnerprefer gpg2 if it exists.
2016-04-10 David Bremnerpass the passphrase explicitly to gpg --import
2016-04-10 David Bremnermove starting agent to top of test.
2016-01-21 David Bremneruse /tmp for the temporary directory.
2016-01-21 David Bremnerreplace fingerprints with keygrips
2016-01-14 David Bremneradd fake GPG_AGENT_INFO for gpg-agent 2.1
2016-01-14 David Bremnerpass homedir to gpg-preset-passphrase
2015-10-03 David Bremneruse temporary GNUPGHOME for agent as well
2014-08-26 David Bremneradd changelog and bump version to 0.21
2014-08-26 David Bremnermove some more command-arguments to options
21 months ago rel_0.20 uploaded to CPAN
2 years ago rel_0.19 uploaded to CPAN
3 years ago rel_0.18 CPAN Release 0.18
5 years ago rel_0.15_2 new development release, uploaded...
5 years ago rel_0.15_1 Development release uploaded to...
9 years ago rel_0.08
9 years ago rel_0_07
9 years ago rel_0_06
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