descriptionMail::GnuPG perl module
ownerDavid Bremner
last changeFri, 25 Jul 2014 10:45:20 +0000 (07:45 -0300)
16 hours ago David Bremnerswitch order of output for t/agent.t master
16 hours ago David Bremnerdon't pass passphrase_fh if using gnupg-agent
2013-05-04 David BremnerUpdate Changlog, bump version to 0.19 rel_0.19
2013-05-02 David Bremnerpass use agent as an option rather than as an argument.
2012-07-21 David BremnerChangelog, bump version for 0.18 rel_0.18
2012-07-21 Tim Wilde via RTUse GnuPG::Interface for has_public_key
2011-12-11 David BremnerAdd changelog, bump version
2011-12-08 Andrew RuthvenAdd always-trust support to Mail::GnuPG.
2010-12-16 David BremnerReorder arguments to 'is' so that test failure reports...
2010-12-16 David Bremneruse to import keys
2010-12-16 David Bremnerre-enable warnings about redefinition
2010-12-16 David Bremneradd trusted-key option to
2010-12-16 David Bremnerfix bug in import_keys subroutine
2010-12-14 David Bremner[#RT 2718] Apply documentation patch from Niko Tyni
2010-12-14 David BremnerUpdate changelog
2010-12-14 David BremnerMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
14 months ago rel_0.19 uploaded to CPAN
14 months ago rel_0.18 CPAN Release 0.18
3 years ago rel_0.15_2 new development release, uploaded...
3 years ago rel_0.15_1 Development release uploaded to...
7 years ago rel_0.08
7 years ago rel_0_07
7 years ago rel_0_06
16 hours ago master